How long is your lag?


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When you hit the gas from a standstill how long before you build say 10 psi? List your turbo also if it's not in your sig.

Mine sucks with a stock turbo,seems like it takes 3 or more seconds, but I know It is rich right now with my o2's at 850+.They get real lean up top- like 680's,and I figure it is because I need the fuel sys upgrades.
Stock was good. The 49 was good. The 64 was ok but could've used more convertor and the 62 sometimes wouldn't hit full boost until third gear before I moved the TB.
1 second or a little more off idle..

if i stall it up to around 0 vac, half a second or less for 17psi

"2600" stall + stock turbo
when mine was still in my car with stock turbo and stock converter i would test it by putting my fron tires at a line across the road and the back ones would be spinning when they reached that line..but pretty much right at it.

thats hitting it from dead idle no footbrake at all
Mine seems to go about 20 feet then it will spool but by then it is going at least 15 mph.The headers and all the pipes are sealed pretty good but like I said it is running rich.Does it being rich really slow down the spool this bad or do you think I should look at something else first? I am waiting to get my tranny back from the shop and will be able to dive a little deeper into this.I have a freind that just got turbolink so I will finally be able to tune this thing a little better.
i had small cam and head work on mine but stock turbo injectors and converter but car was running 13:0's at 104-105 mph.

i dont recomend trying it on stock stuff my took a bad beating but it lived..:)