How to join


Jun 7, 2012
I have tried to join the syty forum for a while and I always get an error message saying that the administrator is not available. I tried emailing the mods with no luck. Is there a special way to join that forum?
i too would like to join the sy/ty forum, i just piked up a syclone and am wondering if i should upgrade injector size and if so how big, i figure te sy/ty forums is the best placw to get the info
you want the same screen name? what's your email? you can PM that to me if you'd like.
the easiest way is to say your name is Dave and you want back on from prior,

when joining =you instantly get a 9 sec truck as the input for quarter times has a glitch that no matter how much you change it, will always say your 1/4 time is 9.99
so you got that going for ya;

BTW welcome to the club.