How to post pics.


Self-tuning wanna-be
Every pic I post says file too large. I want to post a few pics and ask what part this is but cannot
There are several ways but the easiest way assuming the pic was taken on your phone is to screenshot the pic then crop the area you want then save or download to a file. This screenshot will be under 1 megabit and is small enough to post.
On my iPhone on a pic you can chose the size of the photo before you upload.

Usually the large size works for me.
Once the board is moved to the new hoster, Im going to get all this stuff straightened out. Right now Im dealing with share permissions and stuff not wanting to run right. Ive kind of thrown in the towel on this hardware and dont really want to reimage and start over so we're looking to move to a place that all they do is host forums.