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hello people; I need a new one. Any of you turbo heads have a recommendation? Anyone try one of those memory foam or sleep number types?
My wife went out and got one of these I cloud, temper pedic, self masturbating beds. Damn thing cost 8 grand,however does sleep well among other things?
I bought a temper pedicure 12 years ago before back surgery and have been very happy ever sense !
A Friend of mine just bought a foam mattress in a box from Sam's Club and It feels the same for 1/4 the price !
Bought a temperpedic back in 02, holding up well its comfy but if you keep ur bedrm chilly it gets hard :eek::confused:

Ray nice to see u don't hold a grudge :p
We have a sleep number, purchased maybe 8-9 years ago and still love it. We have had to replace the air pump about a year or 2 ago..replaced with a generic one, not a sleep number brand since they are real proud of them..happy with it also. If you buy one, you will think there really is not much too them for what they cost, but is worth it. They have several different upgrades, we sprung for the pillow top whihc I thought made it feel more like a normal mattress when the air pressure was lower. I sleep well most nights.

Amazon has a comparable mattress for a fraction of the cost. Made in the USA. Comes to you in a box & expands to size. I don't know the brand name though.

Amazon has a comparable mattress for a fraction of the cost. Made in the USA. Comes to you in a box & expands to size. I don't know the brand name though.
Just saying its still good after 14+ years..
Memory foam!


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Can't do the temper-pedic. My back is bad enough that I have to move every 20-30 minutes. In a temper-pedic. yous so "embedded" in the thing it's hard to roll over or turn. I slept on one in a motel once and it was pure hell...
Tempur-Pedic has several different densities of foam to choose from.

If you find a store that has a large selection of models to try out, I'm sure you will find one that you will like. I believe they have a satisfaction guarantee for a few months after purchase.

I had a "Chiropractor Approved" twin-wall double pillow top mattress prior to the Tempur-Pedic. It was great for about the first 3 months. Then it developed a depression wherever you slept. Had to flip & rotate that heavy beast monthly. Never again with the pillow top.
Serta iComfort. Good heavy mattress. There are multiple levels of firmness available, we bought the mid-level. It takes a month to break it in - starts out almost like a sheet of plywood. I have noticed a minimal sag in the middle in four years but it still feels the same as it did after break in. You can only rotate these - flipping is not an option. Probably 1/2 the price of Tempur Pedic. You can buy the mattress only if you like - not required to purchase the set though we did.
I have a sleep number i8 I believe. Was around $3600. They did the analysis at the store when I bought it and said my # was 40. But that is laying on my back. I can't do that. I'm a side sleeper. For that I have it turned up to 100 and it still not hard enough. I won't buy another, but I know a couple other people that have them and love them.

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We have a temperpedic cloud supreme cost like $4k. Had it for 5 years now. Sleeps nice but I hate it for the extra curricular activities

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How about Pillows?

Any recommendations for a quality "100% Made In The USA" Pillow?