Huge List of Parts: Parted 84-87 GN's 84-87 T-type's lots of New Parts Feb 2019

Check your email for my reply about wiper stuff and couple other parts

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I'm getting no response, as well. Through here, or his email. Anyone heard from him? He's been a top notch seller on here for years. I hope he's ok...
I've purchased many items from him, hang tight guys, sometimes it takes a few days to hear back from him. He has always responded to my e mails, and has sold me good parts.

Interested in throttle body complete with sensors for $100.

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I'm still waiting for a response. I can understand not getting notifications on here, as it has happened to me also. But I know now to always check the threads I have posted... I have also emailed you, which was your preferred method of communication, and got no reply, as well. Still hanging in there, but hoping for a response soon.