i got problems


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Oct 9, 2003
i have gas and oil in the intake side of the turbo. more gas than oil. the turbo is a brand new ta66 with no miles. please help me.
Yes.. I will agree you have problem.

Dont know how you get gas inside the turbo..thats a good one.

Oil is bad turbo seals..gas..thats a first

66 turbo huh..thats an awfully big turbo .. What injectors?
Just a thought, has the car ran correctly since you installed the turbo? Check the simple things first. spark plug wires crossed? Have you changed anything else since the car ran correctly?

U said in the first post:
the car has never run correct since i installed the turbo . right now i have factory injectors i have not replaced them yet. i checked the spark plug wires firing order. i replaced them and the sparkplugs and still not running correct. i can get the car to start but no idle i have to keep giving the car gas to keep it running but then it starts backfiring on both ends

Why 2 posts w/ different info??:rolleyes: :rolleyes:
this happened to a bud of mine. same symptoms........ broken crankshaft:( hope i'm wrong in your case friend.
Ta66 with factory injectors.. hummm..

I'm wrapping my head in duct tape..please excuse me.
i am going to put 72's but i am not going to replace them untill the car runs and idles. i dont plan on driving the car with the factory's.
You dont have the chip for the 72's in the ECM while running stock injectors ....do you??
Sure sounds like a misfire problem due to crossed wires.. Check and recheck.. Make sure you have your cylinders and coilpack order correct..

You may be washing down the cylinders with gas, thus getting in the oil and making it's way to the turbo..

Pull out the oil dipstick.. With some oil on the end of it, take a lighter and see if the oil on the stick ignites (shouldn't take long). If so, you have fuel in the oil. Get the problem straightened out and be sure to change the oil.