I Still Have The Gn I Just Bought!!!???


Nov 23, 2003
My car has been wrecked previously and all of the vins are there still, (hood vin,doors,door glasses, quarter glasses,windshield,rear glass) The trunk on the other hand has come off a blue regal and therefore it has no sticker under the inside of the trunk. The car according to carfax has been totaled and then built back, I can tell the front of the car has been built back and also the OBVIOUS BLUE UNDER BLACK TRUNK LID, Is there any other way to determine if this is a true GN other than the sticker under the trunk? I have looked under the rear seat for a build sheet and have had both door panels off and have not found one. There is a tag under the hood on top of the cowl with 19 paint code and some other numbers, Would this tag tell me anything? It's just hard to beleive that this car could be totaled without breaking a single glass. If a glass is broken can you still get one with the vin on it?
hey if you have unlimited account could you run this VIN for me b/c i did the free search and it said it was stolen.1G4GJ117XHP463999
i sure hope its not b/c i was looking to buy it.
VIN: 1G4GJ117XHP463999
Year/Make/Model: 1987 BUICK REGAL
Body Style: Coupe
Engine Type: 3.8L V6 SFI OHV TURBO
Manufactured In: UNITED STATES
Search Results: 8 records found in our database
Stolen Vehicle Results: Stolen Vehicle record found.

Man I would definately NOT BUY THIS ONE!
If there saying to report it then I would guess its stolen and has not been cleared up!
Good idea, Someone posted there GN being stolen on here and I read it last night. They asked for everyone to watch ebay for them.
Another thing to check,it won't tell you if it's a GN or not but where the car has been wrecked and rebuilt.Check and make sure it still has an 8 1/2" rearend.There has been a few people who have bought TRs only to find out that someone removed the good rearend and put a 7 1/2" in it's place. :eek: