IAC reset problems

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WELL, i attempted the IAC reset. Everything went just fine until i had to start the car and set idle to 500 rpm. The car would NOT run until i really got into the idle. Then when i was done i had a 2k idle! Whats going on guys? Also, the car runs WAY better with no IAC hooked up off idle.

I may try cleanin it out. Just wondered what I had done wrong. I used the tbs.com tech sheet to do it.

Thanks again - Evan

PS.. it was hard to get a 500rpm idle and when I did, the car wasnt happy about it~!:rolleyes:
just get the idle as low as you can.i could never get it to go that low without dying either.you may have to try it a couple of times but it'll work:).

yet another positive point about the maxeffort chip:D.open loop idle.i love mine:).

I guess Ill wait to get my scantool then take it from there. The manual setup is pretty difficult and seems to not be so acurate.

Thanks - Evan