Ideas on which order to install the gauges into pod...


May 25, 2001
Guys, I need your opinions here...I'm about to install a 4-gauge pod in my console and I'd like to know in which order should I place the gauges ( boost, fuel pressure, water temp and oil pressure). I know that some of you will say that it's a matter of personal taste, but I'd still like some ideas on how you guys would put them, especially the oil pressure and water temp gauges (should they be reversed)? I am including a few pics to show how I put them for now but would like your ideas before I do the final wiring connections and boost gauge hose.


Claude. :)
Left to Right.

Boost, Oil Pressure, Fuel Pressure, Water Temp.

Or just leave them the way you have them. :)
I'd keep the boost and fp gauges next to each other. Makes it easier to track 1 to 1 rise if there side by side.
Thanks guys for your replies...I think I'll leave them like in the pictures. Also "turbotroy", I haven't thought about that, but it's true that it's good to have boost and fuel pressure next to each other. ;)
"1FAST6 Texas", the pod is a GNS unit which I bought used and had it powdercoated grey (was initially black).

Claude. :)