idle problem


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Jul 7, 2008
my car runs fine but it idles real bad.. it idles up and down in park and gets worse in gear to the point were it turns off when in gear. seem to be worse when car is hot. i have a scanmaster and the iac #'s are never the same and no mal codes. can someone help me out
The thing to check is the block learn numbers and see if the ecm is adding some fuel to compensate for a vacuum leak. The numbers that you want usually is around 128. Also check the filter in the back of the EGR solenoid, if this filter gets plugged, it can cause the EGR valve to open a little and this is just as bad as a vacuum leak (had this happen to me and it drove me nuts).
O2 numbers will give an indication as well since the O2 is what the ecm uses to adjust the block learn.

Can you get a phot of the filter? I have a few remaining vac. leaks on my GN and need to reset the IAC too.... never paid much attention to the EGR....
i just got a razor kit and a tt chip but havent installed them yet. i wanted to take care off this problem before putting the alky on but i just noticed that the tt chip comes with the egr disable feature. so do you guys think i should just install the alky and the chip, remove the egr and hope thats what it is? ive checked vaccum lines and cleand the iac and it still does the same thing
IMO i would get her running good before you start throwing upgrades on her,,,,,unless youre problem is the chip you have on there up all your scam master # to see if we can help:biggrin:
Post your scanmaster #'s you said you cleaned the IAC, did you clean out the throttlebody real good.
i have a commander chip in from fullthrottle it just started raining so il post up scanmaster #S tomorow