ignition guru Q


Aug 31, 2001
I got a question here about voltage on the cam sensor is it suposed to go up and down when you turn the sensor??? because mine does not, heres what mind does it will be at 5v's and i don't know if thats what it need to start or not... anyways it stays at 5 volts untill it hits the window. then as soon as it is out of the window it goes back to 5 volts. Is this normal or is the voltage supposed to drop steadly until 0 when turning the cam sensor,
hmm well i know how to set the cam sensor, see i have a crank no start, and im pretty sure i my timing is the key. Because My voltage on the cam sensor is either 5v or 0v while in the window, i wasn't sure if it is supposed to graduatly rise or lower when turning the cam sensor or, i think i have some wires messed up. I just would like to get more info before i through an engine harness at it.
Since its a halleffect sensor, there's no gradual to it, its either on or off. Have you checked your CCCI fuse yet?
well heres this?... i know gnttype says cam sensor signal has 7 volts, i only have 5v. is 5volts enough to get me started?? or is that not enough to cause a crank but no start.
Thanks again