Ignition module checking

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Stephen Soulsby

After tinkering with my car for a while now I suspect I may have a bad module. Is there a way to check them? I know my coil is good. When cranking the car the starter sounds like it's dragging like on old distributor cars when the advance weights would get stuck out. There is also a ping sometimes when I lay into it. I have fixed the few vacuum leaks and the motor is now sealed. vacuum at idle is about 15" and sometimes lopes. At light throttle the motor is constantly misfireing erratically. The cam sensor is in the right position now. I put a timing light on the #1 wire and timing at idle would erratically jump between 20-24 degrees I estimate. My TPS and IAC are set correctly also. I just put new plugs and wires in. The coil is six months old and has about 12.5 ohms between towers when cold. All help appreciated.

Also I should point out that at idle the tach needle vibrates at times. It is a good autometer tach and I know it is good.