Ignition Musings


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Well I'm up late at night thinking again and this is where ideas like my freon aux intercooler and other crazy things have been hatched. I think we've debated it long enough and found that the problem with the DIS ignition setup is not the wastespark but the reverse firing of half of the plugs. Since my buddy is having massive coil problems on his 97 GMC Z71 with the 5.7L Vortec I did some research on coils and well they are pretty stupid devices. My understanding of how a Type II ignition works is the 2 pins that each coil fits to are the power feed for charging, and the ground which gets cut causing the feild collaspe and the secondary side to discharge. Based on this would it not be simple to just use these triggers for firing a pair of externally mounted coils by wiring the primary sides into MSD blocks and some really fast relays to hotwire the power supply but current limit it so that all plugs fired forward? I don't know the particulars but would wiring all the coils to 1 or 3 external CD boxes overload the boxes if everyone of them were hooked to 1 or would a pair of coils overload a box? I mean if a CD box is capable of charging a single coil for a V8 firing at 7000rpm, which is a spark every 36µs, why would it have a problem charging 2 coils for 6500rpm to fire every 154µs?