IL Fab Shop, Hochman Fabrication & Speed in Wheeling, Check Them Out


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Dec 15, 2002

925 Seton Ct Unit 1
Wheeling, IL 60090
(847) 777-1287
Ben Hochman

Hey locals, quick shout out for a good shop.
Since it's hard to find good Fabrication shops, Ben is great and listens to your needs. Here's what I've done in just 3 months...

Custom liquid intercooler for my Talon, never seen 1 done like it. Tons of fab here and done quickly. Other shops turned this down.

He helped my DSM with a blown head gasket complete repair after the tuner smoked it.

Custom valve cover fittings

Custom radiator ram air kit, DSM

GN rear coil over bracket modification

GN coilpack bracket made thicker with reinforcement on legs (my engine keeps breaking these plates at the legs from vibration I think)


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