IL Polishing Company, Aluminum Wheels Look Great Now


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Dec 15, 2002
I posted this but I think the board ate it. I did this Summer of 2022.

Pic is my old Centerline Autodrags
Pic 2 is after Polishing

Around $80 a wheel, needed around 1-2 weeks tops to complete.

Dave at Performance Metals
Schaumburg IL

He's getting a transmission of mine soon so ya he can do heads, engine blocks and transmissions too.

His competitor at Elite Polishing robbed me of $250 and almost got away with it until my Bank stepped in. Be careful, Alan seemed like a cool guy but then that all happened over 2 months of BS.


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Here in IL I had a bitch of a time finding anytime to do this, then I found a shop and they wanted $150 a wheel so I figured I can't be the only one looking to do this and coming up short.
That's impressive. Now the problem is keeping looking like that.