injector harness lead lengths


May 26, 2001
I have a used 86-87 injector harness that I am trying to use in hot-air converted to 86-87 application. The leads for cylinders 1 and 2 are the short leads and the ones for 5 and 6 are the long ones. This seems backwards if the connector is to be in the back. Is this correct? Could this harness have been made with the lengths backwards by GM? Thanks.
Are you sure the harness is off of a GN and not a front wheel drive car? Front wheel drive cars are reversed.
It came with an 86-87 turbo car harness I bought. I assumed it was from a turbo car and I don't have one to compare it to. Do you concur that the lengths are reversed?
Front wheel drive cars have #1 cylinder towards the right side(passanger side) of the car which is also where the connector is for the harness. Most likely this is what you have. You can probably still use it if you move the pins in the connector to the GN configuration.
The 85 harness plugs into two connectors, located differently than the 87 harness, which uses a single connector. The 87 attaches under the coil pack which is located in the rear of the engine, where the coil pack is in thr front of the 85 engine.

That's why the lengths are different.
This is supposed to be an 86-87 injector harness with the single 7 pin connector. Thanks.

As I said above, it's probably from a front wheel drive car. You can move the pins to make it work. I have done it several times to repair a harness.