Injector question


Feb 25, 2002
Along with all my other questions, I have a question about the injectors on my car. They are a style I have never seen before, the previous owner told me they are a new style 35lb injector. They are much slimmer than any other injector I have ever seen and appear to be a light gray/white color plastic. Any ides what type of injectors these are? Thanks.
I need to look tomorrow.. I was just concerned because I got screwed with just about everything else on the car, so I wanted to know if this style even sounded familiar to anyone.. Judging by how everything else is not what I was told it was, these could damn well be from a Metro or something :)..
Sounds like Bosch 868's.I've only seen them on one car before,they are supposed to be very similar to Bluetops and are 36#'s.The whole injector was a light grey almost white maybe on the car I saw.

That sounds like what he told me. So maybe that's what they are then. Thanks!!!

PS- Are these a good injector for a TA49 turbo?
In my opinion Bluetops and a TA-49 is the ultimate old school combo.I know plenty of people who still run this in daily driven cars.Also there is a board member Wes(Quick89 I think)who has the 868's and a TA-49 in his TTA,which is the car I saw them on,and he's at e-town all the time in the low,low 12's.I think he went 11.90's once but with no cage I guess he doesnt push it that far.

The Slim whiteish injectors are 868s, they are 36# injectors and they are not like Blue Tops.
"not like the blue tops" meaning not as good or not like them looks wise? Are they a good injector?
They are not supposed to be as good, although the chip guys say they have them under control.

I wouldnt use them, but since you have them may as well try them.
"In my opinion Bluetops and a TA-49 is the ultimate old school combo" :p

hey steve ...your care package is goin out tomorrow :) ...that "ol school" stuff rocks :)....11.5s @ 118 in street trim with nittos:D
Dan thanks :D took the car out for the first time the other day and was gonna email you about it,looks like you beat me to it :D

Thanks again,