injectors or bad lifter tap some one help


10's here i come
Ok this is my last post about the tap. This is what i do, i run the car for 5 min then it starts to tap bad and the ex seems to miss or not sound the same. So i use a peice of 3/4 pvc pipe and put my ear on it . I check the valve covers and its not bad when i put it on the injectors or on the intake the tap is very loud.
Will injectors do this or do you think my new springs were to much for my lifters and they died on me.

please help any one i am going crazy . thanks guys
it's not an injector.

i'd vote for valve train,cam lobe/lifter/pushrod/rocker.

pull the valvecover and find out.
it sucks to think it but if you had a cam lobe that was wore then its possible the new springs killed a lobe but if the cam was fine the springs wouldnt have hurt it
The rockers are a little lose i think but the tap is very bad from under the intake sould i just stop driving it and pull the intake and see what the drive train looks like any way.I was going to do the cam and get a good set of heads in the winter but maybe i'll do it now.Is there any thing i sould look for under the intake.

thanks guys for writing , and reds i hope that motor i going ok.
Well i took the valve cover off and started it i am not getting oil for about 5 min to my rockers and then i dont get any oil to two rockers at all this is the drivers side so i am thinking the other side is the same is this my lifters.
You have other problems then... sorry

I am willing to bet you lost a lobe or two...

I'm willing to bet you need to look at your oil pump too.