injectors to service or not?


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Aug 21, 2002
I have a stock motor and a set of Super Coupe injectors that I plan to install. They look real clean and each had fuel going through them. The car had 175K miles on it, not sure how many on the injectors.
Should I have these cleaned and serviced or just use as is?
I plan to upgrade later so they won't be on for very long, not sure it would be worth the extra cash if they work fine.

If they have been used, [and are out of the car now], there's a good chance the fuel in them has dried out and they can be stuck shut. I see this frequently w/ injectors I clean and flow. Some are so bad, they are junk, while others can be resurrected w/ a good smack w/ a plastic hammer, and then cleaned.:eek:
Hey sir, don't you also service them? What am I looking at ($) to have them cleaned,etc.? BTW they have been off the car for 2 weeks now.