Installing the vdo oil pressure gauge


Jul 6, 2004
The search button sucks, so I have to ask this question which I'm sure has been addressed a million times

I have: VDO oil pressure gauge with sending unit (has one wire hookup on sender)

Now, I've heard you should use a tee connector to retain the oil light. Now, what is the correct size of the oil pressure tee, and how does it look when hooked up??

Would the tee look like this when hooked up, or another way?

(to engine)
(factory s/u) I=======I (vdo s/u)
I believe the thread on the factory su is 1/4 npt. So you would need a tee that has male 1/4 pipe on one end (to plug into the brass block), female 1/4 pipe on the other to accept the factory su, and ? pipe (assuming 1/8 pipe thread) to accept your vdo sender.

What I did was I removed the brass block, and drilled/tapped directly. Then I plugged my oil gauge connection right there.
1/4 in. NPT

Go to local Home Depot or like store--buy 1 - 1/4in. NPT Tee--1- 1/4 in. NPT close nipple (short piece). Remove factory sending unit--screw in close nipple--screw on tee with the tee leg pointing toward the passenger fender--screw factory sending unit onto top of tee and VDO unit onto the leg pointing toward fender. I like Brass fittings.I guess it goes without saying to put some sealing compound or tape on fittings.
Thanks people, I Have all the necessary parts now, but wtf, is it me or is the stock sender IMPOSSIBLE to take out? The header/lower radiator hose make it hard to get a wrench in there...any suggestions?
May be a bit late since you got all the stuff, but, VDO makes senders that are 2 wire versions. One to the gauge, the other to the dash light. :)

aww crap. well, do I get the original oil pressure sender out???? I'm NOT going to pull the lower radiator hose :mad: