Intake Manifold Gasket Brand/set choice (V6 3800,Regal 97)


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Jan 31, 2019

Need advise on (hopefully not most expensive) recommended brands (or specific set) for Intake Manifold Gasket for V6 3800, Regal LS 97, L36 if my memory is good).

By intake manifold I mean large black plastic that is connected to throttle body on the very top of engine.

Don't need it to be good for many years, 3 years is plenty. Basically just not defective out of the box.

What should I look for in the gasket set, that is easy to replace once intake manifold removed?

Are there O-rings or other gasket/rubber parts right under/inside intake manifold that may need replacement?
Won't remove whatever engine part is below intake manifold.

My goal is to reduce vacuum leaks.

Any unusual tools/oils/etc needed for this job? (I have 1 car and auto shop is very far)

These manifold gaskets available on rockauto in the order of price increase (more in attached PDF):

1) FEL-PRO MS95809 Set; Includes Intake Manifold Gaskets Info
Lower; 1st Design; with Rubber End Seals without Locating Pins

2) MAHLE MS16191 Set; Molded Rubber Info
Contains Standard Grade Intake Manifold Gaskets, Molded Rubber; 1st Design: Intake Manifold Gasket w/o Locating Pin

3) FEL-PRO MS958091 Set; Includes Intake Manifold Gaskets Info One of our most popular parts
Lower; 2nd Design; with Rubber-Plastic End Seals with Locating pins

4) APEX AMS3593 Set
Lower; 2nd Design

5) APEX AMS3591 Set
Lower; 1st Design

6) FEL-PRO MS98014T Set; Includes PermaDryPlus Intake Manifold Gaskets Info One of our most popular parts
Lower; Services both 1st Design w/o locating pins & 2nd Design w/locating pins; Aftermarket Design

7) VICTOR REINZ 111022101 Set
First Design; with Rubber End Seals; without Locating Pins; Standard Design

8) GM GENUINE 89017817 Set Info

9) SKP SKTCS459821 Set

10) DORMAN 615717 Set Info
Lower; Manifold To Block Seal Has 2 Locating Pins

11) VICTOR REINZ 111059901 Set Info
Second Design; with Rubber-Plastic End Seals With Locating Pins; Standard Design

More in attached PDF.

Thank you!


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