Intercooler/radiator Scoops


So Cal TTA#110


Does anyone know if the plastic lower radiator scoop on the TTA is the same as the GTA? Mines pretty thrashed.
The intercooler scoop isn't much better.I haven't decided on what to do there yet. Go with a front mount intercooler or have my thrashed one taken to the duct making shop and have one made out of galvinized steel.

Thanks Jeff
I read here a little while back that the front air dam is the same as the GTA just has the cutout in it (modify it yourself) and as far as the intercooler scoop goes, I would recomeng making one from metal or even fiberclass, as it will not bend back when you hit something with it like a curb or speedbump. The best idea I have heard yet was to use a plastic wastebasket and cut it to fit underneath and attach it to the remaining original scoop.