Interesting notes.......


Freddie's Buick

I picked up Pat Ganahl's book V-6 Performance. I highly recommend it. I got a couple of interesting notes and there're many in this excellant book.

For example, it was once asked in this forum what is the stock HP for the 4.1 liter engine? Many had mentioned it to be 125 HP. The book clearly states that the added displacement along with the aluminum intake and Q-jet delivers a total of 152 HP, (PG.62 & 63).

Another interesting note is about the crank. Both the Turbo and N/A crank main journals are rolled fillet, except that the N/A crank's rod journals are not. There 's much more...

Smokey Yunick, Doug Roe, Jim Bell and Jim Ruggles are all quoted here giving excellant advice and performance tips for anyone currently involved in a Buick V-6 engine project.

You carbed/turbo guys also have alot to gain from this book...... :D

Check it out.....its pretty neat:cool: