Interior parts? Where to get?


Contents Under Pressure
Oct 1, 2002
I am looking for the door panel plastic clips.. Anyone know where I can buy these new at?
I've gotten some at a hardware store in the fastener drawers, labeled automotive clips or fasteners. Usually there is only room for about 8 of them in there so buy them all.

Pep Boys or NAPA should have them too, possibly in the HELP section, they are a common fastener.

Assuming the white swirly looking ones. :p
any auto parts store should have them, they are labeled as gm door clips at checker (shucks/kragen) depending where you live.

Those are the ones..I changed the power window motors this past weekend and they just don't hold very well any more.. I will stop by NAPA tomorrow..We don't have any of those other stores around here...