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May 26, 2001
I think that these are from people spoofing my e-mail address, but I want to make sure there's not anything more sinister going on.

A few times a day I get messages from mail servers that have rejected messages that it thinks I sent. Usually it's because the mail server thinks it's spam. It's usually a bunch of addresses or whatever. Obviously it's spam. If I look at the "from" address, it's some random name is a domain that I own, but I do not have any type of mail server set up. I just point it to my server at home which is just an IIS server hosting some static pages. It's firewalled and uses NAT. All ports are shut down other than the usual 80, 8080, and the port I use for HTTP requests (231). There's no way some spammer is using some server I'm responsible for, right? They're just using the domain name to try to mask their real identity (which is still annoying but there's little I can do about it)?

Someone is using your e-mail to send spam. Contact your ISP, they can trace it and contact their ISP and shut them down. Most likely it's from overseas.
Or someone with you in their address book has a worm
Yea check the emails closely, maybe contact the provider to mention it and see what's up.

Also don't forget that a lot of spam gets sent to look like it was sent from you and it failed the delivery, you might want to check the header and see if it actually bounced, or it's just some spam. I get a lot of them that look like it failed until you see what it is and then it's just a typical spam.


Do you have SMTP installed? It may be "Simple SMTP installed"

You mail server is:

It is very easy to hack mail servers, most people leave them open on the "mail" port which yours is.

People are just boucing mail off of you.

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Hi all,

Thanks for the replies.

It does look like people are bouncing mail off my SMTP server, but I don't have one. IIS comes with an SMTP server but it's shut down. I'll have to look a little closer at it. I don't think it's a matter of someone with a virus with me in their address book 'cause it's not my address - just my domain. The errors are for OTHER addresses - addresses that don't exist.

Thanks again,
There was a virus going around a few months ago spoofing just like you say. I've already lost those brain cells, so I don't remember names or details. Look at