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Apr 20, 2015
The intimidator?

I know it might be an odd title, and it's not a "kill story " per se, but I noticed something interesting and kinda odd when I was running errands in our Black Beast the other day and I just had to write about it.

It was a beautiful sunny day here in Cincinnati, temp in the low 70's. Perfect day for waking up the old girl from her winter slumber. Uncovered it, reconnected the battery and did all that boring maintenance stuff. Turned on the ignition , waited for the fuel system to pressurize , hit the starter and she fired up instantly into that lovely Turbo Buick v6 slightly loping rumble. Ahhhhhhh...gave me goosebumps..... Life is good, I was thinking. Very good, indeed. I pulled her out into the sunshine, shut the garage door and off I went -- windows down and happy as a pig in slop.

I wasn't on the road but five minutes. Mod to heavy traffic. Came to a stoplight, windows down, enjoying that sweet sound of rock and roll mixed with that sweet idling TB v6 rumble. Two lanes over to my right, was VERY loud and quite obnoxious mustang GT and an apparent goofball behind the wheel. Damn thing sounded like it had just straight through exhaust with no mufflers to speak of. Light turned green , and the jackass must've thought he was at a drag strip. Even though the clown was two lanes over on my right and about to take the interstate on ramp ( less than a 500 feet down the road ), he still insisted on revving the dang thing up to what seemed a billion rpm, raising holy hell breaking his tires loose and flogging the sh*t outta his poor pony. Didn't make sense . Heavy traffic, 25 mph speed limit ..... Go figure.

Fifteen minutes later, another stop light. This time ANOTHER mustang GT --- coming from the friggn opposite direction, yet-- loud as hell and decided to do the same thing. This time the doofus , in mod to heavy traffic, slid the damned thing sideways and almost took out the poor soul next to him.

Ok. I'm at the gas pumps. Major intersection about a hundred and fifty feet from the pumps, and readily visible. Dude wearing mirror sunglasses and funky hair in a challenger looks over and sees me fueling the GN. Light turns green, then asquickasyoucansayI'mdumberthanshit, he lights the tires in a crescendo of noise and tire smoke.
But , THIS time the dipp behind the wheel didn't see the police cruiser in the opposing traffic. Cop does a quick yooey, flips on the blues and pulls him over. He was apparently paying too much attention to the GN rather than the things he should have been. **DUH**.

I got to thinkin'. Whassupwhiddat? Is my poor lil' bone stock GN that intimidating-- especially with me just tooling around in "cruise" mode? or just freakn' putting gas in it ?! Maybe it's the "evil black" color or just ...... hell , I don't really know. Maybe they have teeny weanies or something ? What I *have* found out, interesting enough, is that the ladies with muscle cars I have come across are cool as h&ll. One had a '65 GTO and another had a '69 Z28. Got a thumbs up from them and all went on their merry way. Go figure.

I guess it has to do with that old cliche' --- "stupid is what stupid does" . Me? I don't want to be stupid. There's a right place and a right time to do anything. Now , don't get me wrong, I have "smacked it in the ass" a few times, but never in traffic. I ain't afraid to admit it, I haven't even had her at WOT yet.... Not until I get my new updated chip from TT.
Plus , I love my little TB. That rumble is like the LilRedHead' soft soothing voice.... sooooooo damned sweet.

You know, common sense does have it's plusses. I want to save my potential traffic fine bucks so I can buy her flowers or something. After all, she likes cruising in the Black Beast too and doesn't mind a whole lot if I spend a few bucks on "The Other Woman" --- at least the one in the garage.
It is interesting. I've noticed when out and about in my gn it also gets all kinds of attention. Most folks know what it is but it has been called an olds or a Monte a time or 2. In my gs 455 I get comments too but quite a few don't even know what it is and assume its a chevelle or a Pontiac. The gn is definitely more well known and respected. It definately has a sinister aura about it in its boxy blackness with dark tinted glass it is definately a bad ass looking car in its stock dress. Playing bbbbb bad to the bone while cruising through town completes the intimidation. Love cruising in the gn. Guess Thats why I've held on to it for the last 24 years. :D
Unique to the "Moosetang morons", is the Blowmaster muffler... Flowmaster most certainly had a hand in the design and building of the Mustang. :rolleyes:
Without them, there'd be no Flowmaster.....:D
I have a blue T not even an intimidating black GN, and people will drive by, see it in the garage or driveway, and they all start laying into their bikes, diesel trucks, or Mustangs. It seems like everyone wants a piece of it.
Great read.

By the way... I get it! The Turbo Buick looks cool as 'ell at the gas pumps. Check out this recent photo of mine:


On this day I had half a dozen cars from mini vans to Corvettes & superbikes rev at me. I just respond with a nod - - cause I get it. :)
Great read.

By the way... I get it! The Turbo Buick looks cool as 'ell at the gas pumps. Check out this recent photo of mine:

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On this day I had half a dozen cars from mini vans to Corvettes & superbikes rev at me. I just respond with a nod - - cause I get it. :)

Mr Michael, first let me say your ride is definitely a "looker" --- pretty damn sweet ! ( I gotta post some pix of mine-- just haven't gotten around to it yet. Yours and mine would be a young man's dream-- identical *hot * twins !)

And yeah, I "get it too" as well as appreciate that kind of reactions just like you. It's just the dipp heads that do nutty stuff *in traffic* . Maybe from working in an ER as many years as I have and seeing lots of senseless road carnage contributes to my sense of responsibility. Or maybe because I am an just an old fart...
But a long relatively straight two lane with no traffic, I'm up for it.
Great read.

By the way... I get it! The Turbo Buick looks cool as 'ell at the gas pumps. Check out this recent photo of mine:

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On this day I had half a dozen cars from mini vans to Corvettes & superbikes rev at me. I just respond with a nod - - cause I get it. :)

It was a great read.

Gas station, street, parking lot, I get a lot of stares and puzzled looks that tell me the person is thinking "I know I've seen one of those somewhere...." but they just can't quite put their finger on it. :LOL:


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I have to agree on the car gets noticed !
My wife drove mine and had people commenting on it at the bank a while back, and I took some parts back to the Oriellys store last week and the parts counter guys were crazy about it. One had to come out and hear it . He was maybe early 20s so the car was older than him, but he knew what it was turbo etc... I held it in the brake in the vacant parking lot so he could hear the turbo spool up until the tires broke free and I let off instantly giving him that horse sneeze GN signature sound I guess too lol ... Part on enjoying a classic car !!
Funny thing is all those idiots out there will rev and make a bunch of noise until they have to line up next to you. I was headed to a huge car show when I spotted a new camaro (when they were new) I pulled up along side nice and slow and lined up at the light. This guy (with temp tags) stayed a car length back; refusing to get next to me! I'm not THAT scary.

The black cars, IMO, get too much attention (sometimes the wrong kind). My next one will be an old man color. I like the sleepers.
If this contraption had an "Outstanding" button, I would have been all over it.
You (we) obviously have something that makes certain individuals feel... emmm... Shall we say, inadequate? :eek:

All I can think of, is that It must be because of that Fast 5 movie.:rolleyes:

Great post. I hope to see more from you.

Happy spooling.
Mike Barnard