Jackson moderator?


May 24, 2001
I demand a recount! Just kidding Jackson, congrats on the moderator position. Keep an eye out for that TurboJohn(trouble-maker) and Geoff(con-man), also forbid Tom Mahi from any Menudo antics and I think everyone will get along just fine. :cool:
Impeach! Okay now we can wreak havoc in this forum! :D

Con-man? Well okay, since Stud-Muffin is already taken. :)
Re: LOL!

Originally posted by TurboV6
Hey I had to pay BIG bucks for this position! :D Nah!!

OK, How much chocolate Mac Nuts did you pay?:D :D Nah;) You'll be a GREAT Moderator. Congrats. 15th place and climbing:D

Well, if I had to decide on a moderator for this section, it would HAVE to be Jackson! I mean, look at him...He eats, sleeps, breathes TR's! Good choice, IMO. Right on, bro!


And half of his posts were TTT:D Nah, Jackson congratulations on the moderator job.
I have the chips. Just give me a call when you want to meet.
Derek, I got your PM, you're right it would be kinda expensive.