Jalopnick's 10 Cars that resemble their owners


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Dec 15, 2003
Ten Cars That Resemble Their Owners


5.) Modified Honda Civic


Who This Car Resembles: Posers. There are countless numbers of these Honda Civics roaming the roads and they're all pretty much the same. The owners of these modded Civics usually perform a half-assed job, are unreliable, and have an attitude that says, "I'm just too cool." It's a harsh stereotype, but the real performance is typically non-existent and all that's left is embarrassment and a cloud of black, rich exhaust from the fart cannon.

Who This Car Resembles: Boy Racers. The owners are showy and always want to race from stoplight to stoplight. Unlike Civic owners, the performance is real. However, like the Honda's engine, the owners are high-strung and overzealous, oftentimes overcooking it in the corners.

Why does this sound like turbo Buick owners?