Jax club



What's going on fellas? I finally got the head bolts for the car and I am going to try and work on the car tommorow. I have downloaded all of the engine diagrams and hope I can put the car back together. I originally blew the head gasket after only owning the car for five hours, the guages didnt work and I didnt know the car was detonating so bad. Then she went boom boom on Philips Hwy.

I have met Dan Boden and talked to Kendall on the phone and I look forward to meeting the other JAX T type/GN guys and gals.

jax guys...

Any of you Jax guys have the leather seats from Jax seat covers?

Do you guys have a web site for the club yet? We could prolly host it for you if you don't...(for free!) www.jaxturboclub.org?
Well it seemed that nobody was really that interested.....maybe one day something will get going.:)

funny how it's called "jaxseatcovers" and it is nowhere near here.

anyhow, i don't own a turbo regal, but hey how ya doin. :)

oops! LOL

I just saw that they are in Wisconsin. I needed a laugh today...:D