Jay Leno's Syclone

Nice but I wouldn't trade my gn for it. Jays a pretty cool guy.. Totally into cars trucks and bikes. Love to have a tour of his toy box.
Back in the day, I remember working on these at the Dealership ... "always a code 32", ... THAT'S what I remember the most. *They weren't great "cold weather" animals, (cold surge's / studding/ harsh up-shifting / rough idle issue's, and of course: "over-boost" complaints. etc ...) *somewhere: I have a "Stall Diagnostics's Pamphlet", (in that: was series of things we'd do, such as setting TPS, and min. air rates, "that kinda thing" ... (and somewhere, I STILL have a set of GM fuel injectors for one).

Those were "FUN" days, and we put "tamper-seals" atop of the PROM doors too !.
"I think I still have one somewhere too" !

Heat transfer (off the engine) amid hard-restarting issue's ran rampid ... !!!
*They had us raising the fuel rails "up", to try an help that condition* ... "it didn't work".

(Like the carburetored "F" Bodies; they had us installing "BLOWERS" on / in (in the fenders) ...'LOL"
HOT Starts were long, long extended crank times ... again: NOTHING could be done.

eventually: owners just lived with all of this. Bitching that Tires had to be replaced (due to wear / and drive-lines "binding"), and also having to rotate the tires.
"Ya couldn't".

I also remember installing service labels warning one NOT to advance the engines timing (off of the "0" spec.), as it would "hinder" the engines performance / rather then help it ...Height sensors (and customers moving them), were another issue ... "the front prop. shaft boots would come apart". To us, they were a kinda of a Cadillac Cimmeron (the "J" car Caddy -blunder) was what we called them back at the-time) Or: the "blunder" (of the time).

FAST ? "God yes", but after a while all that got old / as I remember many customers trading them "off", which was OK with us !

All n' all: NOT so "great".

The Cyclone's were neat tho.
I really like those trucks! Jay is a true car guy that's for sure! My buddy has a syclone that does 0-60 in 3.0 seconds. Great ride! Motors never been opened.