JC Variable timing chip


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I never heard much about this chip from Jay, anyone in here running it? and if so how did it work for you? Does he also do a race version and if so once again anyone using it?

Sounds like it was a real good idea from Jay and I am kinda of curious why it did not take off, at least it appears that way to me.
I heard he makes a race chip in variable timing flavor.. could be just a rumor though.

I have lots of testimonial emails I could post here with people giving the variable timing stuff good reviews but I'll refrain from that.

And as far as it not catching on, well, I only do a very small percentage of chips for people in comparison to the total number of my chips that are out there. Maybe 1/10th. The rest are sold by Cotton. For some reason Cotton doesn't promote the variable timing stuff or any of my other "special" chips despite the fact that I have asked him to do it on numerous occasions. He also won't stock them and only orders one when someone specifically asks for it. That doesn't do much in terms of getting the word out.
You can email me direct. My email address is in my signature.
Hey Jay...

I thought you had a website. I would like some more info on your chip as well. Particularly the $ and what inectors is this for?
I dont have a web site. You can email me concerning the price and I make chips for about any size injector you can use with a stock ECM.