Just for fun!


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Dec 19, 2007
Well my Drag Radials were near the end of their life so I finished them off....LOL:D
I never get tired of pics like this so I thought I would share.
Hey Joey. Very Nice. I was hoping you was gonna burn them things off b4 u tossed them. Time for tha M/T's to come out.
:) yeah its lots a fun.......I left a lil pile a rubber haha....I got them going pretty good in 3rd then let it roll out. If tires didnt cost soooo much I would do way more often

Yeah John I gotta get the MT's mounted and be ready for the track to open
this was actually about a 1/4 mile from the Police head quarters lol I would have gone a bit longer but I was nervouse the boys in blue were gonna come around the corner....it is litteraly right around the corner they probably heard me :D

Yeah I do have the vid it was taken with my I-phone and I dont know how to upload it.....my uncle posted the vid on FB if there is a way to copy it I dont know?
Damn it I'm jealous got a foot of snow on the ground

wow! it was a lil chilly today low 40's.....haha I know I know but thats chilly to me I like the warm weather....

I'm not a painter and I can not draw for sh8t! this is as close to as I come for art work lmao!!!
LMAO!!! NICE!! PICS! The cops are probably mad as hell....they didnt catch the hot rodder that did that nasty burn-out :cool: Good Job! I give you a 10 score for the HEAVY THICK BLACK LINES! :eek: