just wondering


Jul 13, 2007
has any one ever hooked there line lock wires to the cruse control swith or can it be done?
I don't think you would like the outcome when you got to the end of the track.
I've seen a guy hook his line lock into his horn button, so he activated the lock with his horn....thought that was pretty cool and stealth!
It can be done if the cruise and horn are disconnected.

I'd probably use a relay, cruise wiring isn't very high current and you could wire a kill switch for power for everyday driving in case the cruise switch wiring fails while driving like it is known to do.

Line locks are usually momentary switches so you'd have to wire up the slider control wires on the switch to do it right.

It's pretty easy to do with a console ash tray switch. ;)
cruise arm has a momentary push button switch in the stalk end , would work fine and the wiring isnt really a problem , take a look at the cheesy wire they give you on the line lock switch

if your cruise is still in the car rather than go cutting harnesses , unplug the wire under the dash , get a connector from junk yard and then find the two wires that the button connects to

the cruise wont be usable but the line lock will work just fine

rather than install the supplied switch on the shifter like i see most do ,an easier and just as stealth is install it on the tilt lever , unscrew it and slide the lock switch on the arm , much harder to see it there and easy to get at , easy to run wires into the dash and no wires getting caught in the shifter, and you'll still have cruise