Kent-Moore J-37089


OH, OK .......Now I get it
Dec 6, 2018
My Pal is a 50 Year retiring GM Mechanic / TECH ? He made me a very Good offer on some of his old School Matco tools. He knew that I'm running the ' 84 Hot air plant in My '75 CJ5 . He ' THREW ' this kid in. I Reckon some of you Old School Original Guys may have this tool all ready........ They're expensive & Somewhat Rare . ......AnyHoo, I'm happier than a Pig in Mud. :cool:
Note : I was gonna post the other say'n , but I didn't want to even refer to the " LGBLT " (Lipstick, Garlick, Bacon , Lettuce , & Tomato ) community on Sunday :ROFLMAO:
A Kent - Moore # J- 37089.jpg
A Kent - Moore # J- 37089.jpg.2.jpg
Thats for 3800 engines. I have one of those. I had one that did gn balancers but don't know what I did with it. They came from the dealer when I worked there. They would throw the old tools out. Never made it to the dumpster if I was there.
Sooooo. This will not work for me on my Hot Air ? :rolleyes: Dammit , I thought I finnaly ' Scored ' :cry: