May 24, 2001
Who is this guy?

Watching TV this evening, I came across some show called Kikaida. It looked pretty familiar and I sat through two episodes just to be sure, I think I might have even seen it live at the Shell way back in the 70's along with Kamen Rider V3.;)
Yeah, looked really familiar....;) I sat through AND taped both episodes also. Just in case! It might've been the superhero that I shook hands with at the 50th state fair as a kid..... :D Also reminded me of a doll that I had whose arm used to come off once in a while. :)
:eek: :eek: You don't remember Kikaida?:eek: :eek:
I can remember back in the 6th grade watching that stuff along with Rainbow Man and Ultra 7. I can still hear the evil Professor Gill's flute rendering Jiro useless and unable to change. Geez, where in the back of my head did this stuff come from???:confused:

Imagine if he drove a Nash instead of a bike to catch the bad guys........
Boy talk about dating yourselves, but thats ok guys i remember too... boy are we old or what?
:cool: -Rob