Kirban performance weatherstripping


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May 25, 2001
Has anyone used the non-GM weatherstripping that is sold on kirban performances site? Does anyone know who they are made by? They are part #6817 for the roofrail/door package(in the body parts section). If you have them, how was the fit, did htey do the job, and overall are you happy with the product?

I asked this exact same question about a week ago and got no replies...

Someone on this board surely must have bought these by now...
I bought the ones that Postons sells. They fit real nice, but not quite as nice as factory. They're worth the $ though.

I purchased the door weatherstripping, you know the cracked piece which connect the window to the door, from kirbans and it was delivered with Gm stickers in the packaging and the fit was perfect....i would think the roof rails would be the same but cannot clarify..

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Originally posted by ONLYA6
I bought the ones that Postons sells. They fit real nice, but not quite as nice as factory. They're worth the $ though.


Do you recall if there was any name written on the packaging? The stuff from Kirban looks like it says "SuperSoft"on them...

Here is a pic of the packaging if it looks familiar/similar to the postons stuff.

PS how much was the postons weatherstrip?
Poston weatherstripping

I just installed a set of roof rail weatherstripping from Poston's last week. They sealed up pretty good. There is a gap, however, at the upper back corner of the glass on both sides where the weatherstrip material is raised higher than the rest (looks like it's at a junction). It is also sealing better now than when I first put it on since the window seal molds itself to the window. The cost ($85 a pair) is much less than GM (minimum $125 a side) and provides a decent fit.

I would still go with GM for the window sealing strips (where you rest your arm).
no good here !!!!

I bought postons door seal gaskets to replace my worn out looking ones that was on the car...the old ones looked rough as heck but sealed good...the new postons absolutley sucked...didnt actually even look the same & fit is no good up around the front of the door & door is adjusted good also...anyone wanna buy my newly installed door seal gaskets...make me an offer..maybe you can get them to about tired of them..going with gm a lil now or alot later looks like to me...
I have a hard top T. I bought Kirbans door and window seals. It took three attempts to get the window to seal properly. I felt that the seals could have been a little softer, they are pretty firm and unforgiving. The window has to be perfect for it to seal properly, at least on my car. I also bought their window rattle kits and Serio's book. Also, new pins and busings in the hinges. I have more time than I would care to admit in these doors and windows. They are crank windows on my car. With all the time and money I have invested into these windows I'm fairly disappointed in the results. Is it the seals? partly IMO. Should I have to devote my life to becoming a door and window expert? It looks that way. Whatever you buy, be prepared to spend an incredible amount of time getting them right. After you are satisfied with the results you to can become a Regal door and window expert! Maybe we can tour the country and give clinics! Drew
I just went through this. I replaced the window seals only to find the top of the window would hang up on the seal when the glass was up and you closed the door. I messed with it and finally got the window to clear the seal.

Then I found out that the window didn't touch the seal in the corner or near the front just before the glass goes into the door. "Oh, I"ll just adjust the window".

....four hours later...... I determine that I have to place something behind the seal to make it bulge out and touch the glass.

Now the door is harder to close.........I decide to mess with it later.

2 weeks later, the door closes just fine. Just takes a nice little push. I still have to tweak on those two locations a bit more. The seal does mold to the glass but you have to make sure the glass touches the seal EVERYWHERE.

Moral of the story? It's all emperical.....
Do yourself a favor and buy the GM weatherstripping. I did when I put it in my GN. It is twice the cost. $95 per side vs. $95 for the pair, but the quality can't compare. These cars are 15 yrs old now and many of the weatherstrippings out there are JUST begininng to wear. You will NEVER get this kind of mileage out of the Softseal junk. Just feeling the 2 with your own hand will show you the difference in quality.

Buy the GM stuff and never worry about it. Or save yourself 90 bux and do it again in a year.

Those weatherstrips are from Metro. They're supposed to be pretty good weatherstrips. I haven't tried any their products yet as I've been buy right from GM as to what is still available. Good luck!

I bought Kirbans roofrail door/package and was not to impressed with them. The fit was a little on the tight side and have already started to split at the seams. I've only had them in the car for about 9 months. Someone posted your windows have to be properly adjusted aswell, this is true. I'm still trying to get them to fit right. At this point, I think I'm better off bringing the car to kirbans and haveing Pete Serio adjust them for me if he still does this. I think your better off spending the extra money and getting them from GM. If I had to do it over again, thats what I would do....
Empirical.........I had to look that word up but thats a fair assesment. It seems that when these doorsand windows are wrong, they are way wrong. Having to "shim" the seals is pretty good huh? Alot of fun, especially going in for the fourth time. Have plenty of time and patience for this job guys. It's not alot of fun. Drew:rolleyes:
I had Pete Serio do my windows back in 99' when the Nats were in Columbus, OH. He spent well over 4 hrs doing it. He had each glass out of the door, he shimmed my seals, replaces worn parts, the striker etc. That was the best $200 I spent on the car , had to be worth at least a .10 in the 1/4 :) I had spent a few hrs. myself trying to get it right and follow his luck.

I don't believe he still does this, I know he doesn't come to the nats and do it any longer, but if you can arrange for him to do it to your car, I would consider it money well spent.

I'll remember to buy the GM stuff next time. I've looked at the seals on GM cars, Regals included and there is no comparison. Unfortunately I and other people have found this out to late. It's no so much the money but the time it took to get it right is incredible. You CAN get it right but it shouldn't have to be that way. As difficult as the aftermarket stuff is to work with I'm surprised this subject hasn't come up before. Remember this is not a slam on the companies that sell this stuff (although it could be) just very disappointed in the workabilty of the product. There, thats enough on that! Drew
Does anybody have the part# for the Gm
wheatherstriping? I need to replace both doors from outside to inside. I'm painting the car and after painting I'm going to install new wheatherstriping. Oh, can u still get the wheatherstriping any Gm parts place?

The above link seems to be down right now, but when it comes up, it will have the part #'s for you...

Here's some numbers I found from that link in one of my previous posts:

Weather Stripping, Door left/right:

20211820 $70.80 (GM parts direct)
20211821 $70.80 (GM parts direct)

20211180 is the number listed for the door weatherstrip on the above link - this appears to be wrong and should be 20211820

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