kirbans mass air flow pipe and aftermarket oil cooler adapter


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Mar 31, 2006
I have 2 each of these (as shown in the picture)
2 kirban mass air flow pipes. powdercoated black and no nicks or scratches in the finish. Excellent condition!
$30 each.
2 aftermarket aluminum oil cooler adapters ready to screw on to the stock oil filter location.
These work perfectly and come with the oil filter adapter that allows you to run the bigger oil filter.
I will include a list of differant brands and pn's of the bigger oil filters you can use.
You will need to purchase a new o-ring available at any auto parts store.
$25 each.
shipping will be $12 to the lower 48. even if you buy more than one item, shipping price will stay the same.
paypal or mo or check


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new price.
lets do $35 shipped each on the maf pipes.
$25 shipped each on the oil cooler adapters
I'll take one MAF pipe. Do you have the rubber pieces that go on both sides? PayPal address?
If you sent it to me, I didn't get anything. I'm also interested in the larger oil filter adapter, is this one similar to RJC one?
pm's returned to osolo and live4do.
toady, if the deal falls through, I'll pm you.
thanks guys