Knock Detector


Jun 25, 2001
I just picked up a replacement knock detector for my 85GN.

Two dumb questions:

Whats the simplest way to get at it? Do I have to remove the throttle-body and EGR plumbing?

How does the electrical connector come off? I can just barely see and reach it. What's the trick here?:confused:
Just plugged mine in yesterday (putting my engine back in). I plugged it in before the engine was on the mounts, so it was pretty easy to get at. The electrical connection just pulls off. It's one wire that goes to a black cap. This all comes with it when you pull it off.

Then I believe the knock detector unscrews (haven't done this myself).

EGR plumbing shouldn't be in the way. Turbo might be. With my turbo off, I *think* i could unplug the knock detector, can't say forsure.

Good luck, it's not in a fun spot :(