Knock Guage

Splwubs GN

May 24, 2001
Hey whats up everyone.
Today i am going to install the two piller gauge i got. and the caspers knock guage.. I have a quick Question..Why does it say to install a toggle switch. What do i need this for. Is it ok with or with out the toggle switch. Just woundering
I guess you are referring to the knock gauge? If so, I'm glad to see that John is saying that now. For some reason, on some cars, the knock gauge will not reset upon engine startup. It detects knock when starting the engine and never resets itself, UNLESS you can turn the gauge off and back on after the engine is started, then it works fine and resets after detecting knock, until the engine is cut off again.
So your startup procedure would be, start the engine, then toggle the knock gauge switch on and off. Install the toggle switch to the ground wire.
I've got the caspers gauge in both my GN and TTA, it resets fine in the TTA, but not the GN. Put my toggle switch in the ash tray where I have 6 toggle switchs in the ash try plate.
power line

You can also just tie the power line to the gauge into a fuse that doesn't get power while cranking. My gauge didn't reset like it should so I ran power to it from the radio fuse and now it works fine.


My Knock gauge resets just fine after I start the car.

But lately, it hasn't been resetting itselft while I am driving. Do I need to install a toggle switch, or is the gauge bad? The gauge is about six months old. I got it from Kirbans, but I am assuming it is from Caspers.:confused:
So when I start my car, and see the knock gauge go to yellow then go out with the power light on, it's not resetting? I could put a little momentary push-button switch on the pillar pod easily, but just confirming that this is a "not-resetting" condition. Heck, I'm just gonna call John and see if that is the deal.

Ok, I spoke to Justin at the shop. He said that if your gauge goes to say "yellow" at startup and doesn't go back to the center green light, it didn't reset. If it does go back to the center green light, then it did reset. He said the problem comes from some ESC modules that apparently don't operate properly. HTH