Knocking with new chip?

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Just had a new chip done for my Ttype in the past 2 weeks. Its a 19* chip from PTE. Driveability and part throttle is great, quick spool-up, etc. But, at WOT I constantly get 5-7KR??? I put my old Thrasher back in and I still get some knock, 2-4KR. I was told that a blown HG (between 2 cylinders) can cause this? I did a relative compression test on an engine analyser and they were all 94-100. I know I need to do a leak down test, but I havent had time to do that. Other than that, the car runs well, and is in good tune. However, the plugs have been in there for about 8K miles. I might change those. The car is running about 14 or 15psi and has 92 octane in the tank. You think the FP is going south? FP rises with boost according to my FP guage. BLMs are usually 115-122 ish at 65-70mph. I dont know what else to add as of now.....but

Just so you know the car is pretty much stock with the exception of 3" exhaust, 9" K&N, "Syclone" FP, Adj FPR, hotwire, and the basic free mods.

Any ideas would be great. As always, THANK YOU
Depends... could just be the crappy KS gas we have. We noticed its harder to run the same boost now. Bah.

IOW, with a potentially crappy gas, a winter blend, or just colder temps this may be very normal. To test this vs running lean should be easy - dump some octane in it.

Anywho, if your desperate enough for a fine tune "now" or are just bored, we (GWTRA) will be at the WIR track this weekend.