Kudos well deserved !!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Feb 17, 2002
I have just done two upgrades to my car at the same time. So far the best $150 I've spent on upgrades. I had my throttle body bored from stock to 62-65mm by Jay Jackson (by the way great job Jay) and I put the RJC Power Plate on the intake manifold. What a difference!! I'm running a TE-60 with ported stock heads. The car idles better, has a noticeable amount of increased torque, and unless my knock gauge quit working during the 2 weeks the car was off the road, the car has NO KNOCK !!
I couldn't believe it. I would always get a severe amount of knock on a 55 mph downshift to second gear at WOT per the knock gauge. Now the lights don't even come on at all. Unbelievable.
I'm still going to check my detonation sensor with a tap of a screwdriver or something while someone else watches the gauge but I hardly think the gauge or the sensor broke while sitting there. Also easier to believe when others on this board have experienced the same result.
Great job Jason and Jay, keep up the great work and thank you !!