Last g body?

Aug 21, 2006
Ok so I wasn't sure where I should post this so sorry if its in the wrong spot but Im a little confused maybe some one can
this up iv been told the last g body built was an 87 gn and I just watched black air and they say the same thing but you can get a 88 cutlass g body so how can you do that if the last g body was an 87 gn?
what happened was the plant was going to close the end of 1987 to make way for new front wheel drive platforms of the future.
GM is a Sept 1- Aug 31 model year as are most car makers.
Vehicles built from Sept 1 1986 to Aug 31 1987 should have been it for the '87 models
Buick had announced the '87 as the last year for the GN and even came out with a special model to mark the GNs place in history (the GNX) which prompted a rush of orders to get one before they were gone. Well they got a big surprise and had more orders than expected on the GN (remember they sold over 20 thousand GNs in '87 and only sold 5 thousand GNs in '86) ...more than they could build in a normal year.. so they kept the plant open to finish the orders on an extended run . Buick couldn't renig and say oh well heres the 88GN
normally any vehicle built after sept 1 would be considered an 88.
so for the first time ever the '87 GN was built after the normal Aug 31 model year cut off date and they were tagged and delivered as they were ordered as '87s (history had been made and as far as can recall it has never been repeated )
the Cutlass wouldn't suffer any bad publicity from having an '88 so they were tagged as they should have been as '88 models
Ah thanks for clearing that up makes sence now wasn't to Shure how that worked out intreasting thing to know though
if you see a monte carlo or a cutlass with flush mount headlights its a 88 model
I have stood next too and sat in the last GN built. It is in Springhill, La. It belongs to a pair of brothers that own an older small GMC/Chevrolet/Buick dealership. They were offered it and flew up to the plant and walked along has it was built. The car has signatures of many of the workers who would sign after installing each part.