Late August bargains/blems close outs

Dennis Kirban

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Mar 5, 2009
Most readers understand the program. You must email me and refer to number letter code of your request. On those noted items I only accept Paypal. Also note I have noted on some items you must call our office 215-766-1611 ask for Christina to purchase that item by credit card.

As a rule most of our items sell out quickly. I am posting this on Friday nite August 21st.

The first four items listed you have to call my office Monday 215-766-1611 ask for Christina. After 9 am eastern time.

8-A I have 2 of the reproduction GNX rear seat brace kits. This is the version that duplicates the original style GNX rear seat brace. Our part number on our website is #7169 and it retails normally for $149.95 plus shipping. May be hard to believe but we had UPS BEND two of these metal braces. I had them straighten so they lay flat just like new. The price is just $99.95 and $12 shipping You are saving $50 or more. I have 2 of these.

8-B I have a near mint pair of the Spool Fool front fillers part number #7566 not used. However one corner the paint is bruised it is so minor it would not show up in a photo. The other one has a small scratch that is hidden when installed. Normal retail on these is $320 a set. Own this set for $250 and $12 shipping. Again you have to contact my office Monday thru Friday 215-766-1611. Savings of over $70. These have never been installed on a car.

8-C For the 1984-1987 Turbo Regal I have a set of the GM style rear fillers # #7439 a $459.95 value one side is brand new never painted. Somehow I got one for the other side that has never been used but is painted glossy black. You can own this pair for just $350 and $15 shipping. A savings of over $100. Again you must call my office 215-766-1611 ask for Christina on this and ANY of the above items.

All the above is non returnable and descriptions are accurate.

8-D I have 6 brand new in the wrapper tinted license plate coves we don;t sell them anymore. Just $14.95 includes priority shipping to the US only. Again I have 6 of them. Email me with request

8-E For the powermaster system I have two good used tested Cardone reproduction brake bowls. New they sell for $200 each or more. These are just $69.95 each and $12 shipping. We have never had a bad one. This is one item that is worth having a spare on hand. Again I have 2 of them email me with request

8-F I have just 4 left brand new 1987 Grand National posters. We used to sell these years ago. Shows a 3/4 side and rear view. Measures about 15 by 20 inches. The price each is $21.95 which includes shipping. email

8-G For the 1986-1987 Turbo Regal I have a mint pair of blue sun visors (no mirror option) Cheap at $22 and free shipping. Email me The width may be 1/2 shorter than your originals.

8-H I have 4 in stock of the upgraded refurbished lower steering shafts this is the desirable later GM one with the metal universal joints for a more positive steering. Show quality with directions. $99.95 each includes shipping to the basic 48 states. Email me direct

8-J I have a grey vinyl Buick owners manual holder a copy of the 1986 Buick price directory pocket size shows every Buick model every option cost and ID code plus an original copy of the Molly clothing line that is a used brochure and an original 1986 GM maintenance booklet which would have come in your glove box. All 4 items includes priority mail for just $18.95. Email

8-K I have a redone grey leather steering wheel correct for all 1986-1987 Turbo Regals. The back side of the spokes is not very pretty. One front spoke has 2 scratches in it. The normal price is $190 plus $75 core charge. Own this for $150 plus $75 core charge refundable when we get your wheel back. SHipping is $12.
Email NOTE I can provide photos of this item no other part listed here will I do photos of.

8-J For the 1984-1987 Turbo Regal I have the factory glossy black face AM/FM Cassette radio with auto reverse. The face plate etc is all very very nice nothing missing comes with the 21 pin to 9 pin harness which is needed. Radio however is dead no power to it. Needs to be repaired. Great looking appearance. No factory brackets are included. The price is cheap $39.95 and $8 shipping to the basic 48 states. A bargain. Email me

8-K For the 1982-1987 Turbo Regal I have 6 of the secondary hood latch assembly and the spring and hardware that secure later to the hood and includes the unique spring. Al the parts including the hardware have been cleaned and are now done in glossy black powder coating. They look better than new. Just $32 and free shipping to the basic 48 states. Email me direct I have 6 to sell. Originals are prone to rust!!

8-L For the powermaster brake unit I got one good used tested original GM style brake bowl that is 99% mint. Good enough for a show car. Hard to find like this just $69.95 and $8 shipping to the basic 48 states. Must email me direct

8-M I have 3 yards of the headliner grey material. Three yards is enough to do a full solid roof inside ceiling and both sun visors. The key to getting a perfect match is to use the same material from the same uncut roll. This grey is the same grey my installer uses when he does GNs in my area and for my son Darrell. It is the purist way to get a perfect match for headliner and visors. Three yards is plenty for the project. The price is $49.95 and $12 shipping as its a huge roll. Must email me direct

Just a reminder the first few listings you must contact my office to purchase with a credit card. None of those items are returnable. Other items email me direct and I only do paypal on those items. You can only request a photo of the redone leather wrapped steering wheel.

Side note: Any upcoming specials on Pypes exhaust? ;)

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We have Pypes systems in stock for immediate delivery. Our price beats most of the competition so we move quite anumber of them. Pypes is about 25 mins from our shop.

It is the most popular system out there for our cars. I have known the owner of the company for over 30 years.

A number of the items listed in this thread have already been sold or have been spoken for. Here are the codes for what is currently still lavailable as of Monday Nite.

8--C The GM fillers

8-D Tinted covers 4 left

8-F GN art print 2 left

8-G Blue visors

8-H lower shaft 3 left

8-J Manual holder

8-K Redone steering wheel (I would trade this for a stock 86-87 turbo core!!!)

8-J Stock radio non working

8-K Powder coated hood latch (Yes I messed up two parts same number)

8-L Orig brake bowl (surprised this has not sold yet).

All else been sold or on hold for $$$$

Here are a few additions:

Again email me direct

Paypal only

8-ABC Got a mint used pair of burgundy 1986-1987 sun visors with good swivel ends and chrome is good $38 free shipping no mirror option

8-ABE Got one passenger front never used ABS plastic front filler cheap at $45 includes shipping

8-ABF Similar to above again never used but its a rear drivers side in ABS plastics also $45 includes shipping.

Keep in mind this is the cheap ABS plastic ones ok for a basic driver car not the best to put on a kirban high end car. The GM style fillers most vendors sell are the ones to buy for a quality restoration or the Spoolfool version.

We badly need stock turbo cores 1986-1987 versions and are open to trades.

Enjoy whats left of the summer....cooler days are coming
I'll third that, love my ATR 2 1/2" but I'd seriously consider a 3" Pypes system since I'm sure it would be great quality and be well under 1k...

New product request?
I love the looks of my GN1 system , but it drones like crazy. I would love a quiet 3in system....

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Isn't the drone all in those pitbull knock off mufflers? Pypes would be good quality and most likely cheaper than GN1. I've debated on getting the GN1, but never pulled the trigger...

I love my GN1 3 inch exhaust with a 3 inch cutout with QTP electric dump. Quality welds, thick flanges and thick 304 stainless. Best upgrade I've done soo far next to the TR6. I used to have a Hooker 2.5 that had drone issues..But since I opened it up from my 3 inch DP all the way, it breathes and pulls crazy.

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