LC-1 Widband Install


Mar 16, 2007
Purchased a used Innovative Motorsports LC-1 from another board member and getting ready to install. How and where have you guys mounting the sensor body?
Are you asking about the box of the sensor bung placement? I wire-tied the control box to the side of the transmission and welded the bung to the test pipe.
I bought a used ATR externally gated DP, it has a bung welded into it facing the passenger frame rail in the general location of the starter.
The controller needs to be away from heat, water and ignition.

Best to get it inside the car. I been putting the controllers in the passenger side floor board area and dropping the sensor through the hole in the fire wall where the vacuum lines come in for the heater controls. I mount the sensor bung in the passenger side of the downpipe before the last bend. Like JPJ mentioned.

It can be tricky to do but can be done.
I mounted mine in the channel behind the glovebox door, fit perfectly in there. Will take some pics if I remember when I get back from FL.
I used a small piece of carbon fiber mounted in front of the blower motor using existing screws.


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Pics of how I did mine. Was easy to hook up to the Powerlogger module too since I mounted that AND the alky controller near there. Look closely and you can see the LC1 mounted on the rail by the base of the glovebox.


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Glovebox is just unlatched and pivoted down in those pictures. Also, the hole I drilled in the floorboard allowed easier routing of the wideband harness. Was grommeted and sealed after these pics were taken. Really wish that the harness had a quick disconnect mid way to the sensor so you don't have to drill such a big hole.:rolleyes: