leaking alky pump


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need alittle help,I wasn't thinking when i tried using meth in my injection system .It is now leaking {i'm guessing seal}
I need to know what parts to get and where to make my pump meth safe
If it leaks, its not becuase of methanol. The way the pump is setup can play a role whether it can have an issue. Example is cranking down on the pressure screw and having it activate/deactivate the switch when it hits pressure over time can cuase the seal to tear. Alcohol or not.

As far as internals, that varies with model.

Contact who you bought the pump from for assistance with sealing it.
Thanks Razor

Thanks Razor! I thought it was the seal because one day after using meth
pump was leaking. And had some friends tell me that surflo made an upgrade kit for methanol .