Lear Siegler interior trim....



Anyone want some nice trim pieces for their 84GN or Lear Siegler interior T-Type???
I was referring to the door panels, dash panel, A-pillars, B-pillar/door jams, and the pieces in front of the windshield, back glass, and sides(above doors), as well as the rear panels the seat belts run through...

I have decided I'd rather make my 84GN a bit nicer than sell these pieces. I will sell the old stuff from my 84 that really isn't that bad(a few discolored areas and scratches), but after getting the trim here and holding it up next to the old stuff.....I realized it is nicer than what's in it. Just to let you guys know....I pulled this stuff from an 84Cutlass Calais and it's the EXACT same stuff. The only difference is the dash panel and the upper door panels..even the console is exactly the same other than the riser(which is removable) and the wood grain ashtray lid..... I thought only the Lear Siegler interiors had the Tappioca Carret and Tiffany Carret color trim and cloth....but I found the Cutlass at a local yard and immediately realized what it was. The only thing I may not use is the ds lower door panel cause there are stains on the cloth in a few places, but if I can clean it, it's going in the 84GN...

If anyone is interested in my old stuff, let me know and I'll send pics of it once I pull it all out. It's all clean as the car has only 92k miles on it and was garaged most of it's life. No discoloration of the cloth and the A/B pillar pieces are actually pretty nice. A few small scratches(when I say small...I don't mean an inch wide and three inches long....they really are small) and some discoloration that may scrub off with a sponge and water. I'll find out when I pull it all. The main thing is the lower door panels. They have what appears to be sun damage, but it really makes no sense cause it's only on part of them and not any of the other trim(maybe some of it has already been replaced??). At any rate, I'm sorry to get anyone's hopes up, but I really thought the stuff in my car was as nice as this stuff. But I encourage you guys to hit the local yards and CHECK THOSE CUTLASS'S TOO!!!!! This one not only has the ncie trim that is exactly the same as the Lear Siegler interior stuff, but it's got a few other things including nice weather stripping, good washer bottle and cap, and two rust free doors(not sure if they are an exact match for a regal, but maybe....), as well as nice seatbelts, gray dash(and although it's not a regal dash, it's got a very nice climate control panel and perfect glove box door/lid that will match a later GN or other gray interior) and a few other pieces like a nice shifter assembly(chrome on rod looks almost new) and decent shifter handle. I got all this stuff for 40bucks....well, other than the doors. They aren't so cheap about their doors at this particluar yard, so I'm going back out and I'm gonna test fit one on a Regal that's out there before I take it up to pay for it.
Still huntin for ya Nick!!! If I find that base though, it's yours. Probably one at another yard I'm headed to tomorrow. The Cutlass's have a riser that makes it higher, and the lid is smaller. If you want a taller console with a smaller lid, I'll send it out for nothing. It's good and matches the Lear Siegler interior perfectly. Just that it'll look like a Cutlass console... They are the same other than that riser and the apllique around the shifter and ashtray(and ashtray lid itself), which on this particular one are woodgrain instead of the the dark gray. I'll send you an email
I might very well be interested in several panels. My car was restored by the previous owner, but most of the interior panels are the wrong color. Many were replaced with blue panels, which were then spray painted black. Most of these panels were supposed to be gray, if I am correct.

Anyway, give me a quote for all the pieces you have, as I need many, and I don't remember exactly which ones (but would be nice to have extras, anyway).:D
I want panels!! for free!?!? :D

i have a 84 gn and i need them peices that cover the seat hinges, the plastic ones

those would be splended to get, cant afford to buy them though, ;0
Question on interior trims: I have these seats in my TR that has the adjusting leg supports, I guess I can call them that. No one in the Hawaii section knows what they are. The driver side has 3 switches to adjust seat hights, and a knob to adjust the hip supports and knobs on each side of the upper half of the seat that adjust lateral support and lumbar support. The passender side is similar, its not electrically adjustable, just by knobs.

Anyone want to buy a set of Lear Seats??? I've got a complete set (front and back) out of my '84 GN that are really just in my way, make me a resonable offer and we'll work something out.......

Drew H. Carlton
'85 GN, 11.912 @ 112.8, NO IC, NO SPRAY
'84 Retired FBI T-Type
Sent you mail! My brother's in College Station(yup....he's an Aggie too!) and can pick them up :D
Lower door panels and all trim is for sale.
-Door panels have sundamage. DS is worse. PS isn't too bad. Cloth has no stains. Armrest on PS is pretty decent. DS is discolored. I'll try and clean it up, but it goes with the DS panel.
-A pillars are decent and should clean up.
-B pillars aren't quite as nice. Some scratches on DS.
-Rear quarter panels are nice. Uppers and lowers
-Headliner trim rails(metal ones) are okay but really should be painted. Rust is coming through.
-Console: Decent condition. One owrn spot that is straight through to the black plastic. This is from the seatbelt recepticle(don't know what else to call it)rubbing it over the years. It's not gonna show when installed, but I'd paint it anyway. No cracks or other damage I can tell. No lid though. It's out of the Cutlass I got all my other trim I'm replacing the ones for sale with. I do have the riser that fits where the Regal lid would go if you want that with it. My original is good, so there's no point in replacing it yet.

I also have a dash trim panel(over speakers) that is blue and is sundamaged, but no cracks and it's not warped.

Let me know what you want and I'll get you pics. I know some of you expressed interest and will be sending out emails. Thanks