Life with a Buick. Need an Ignition Module.

I'm glad to see you are taking this all in stride. These cars are frustrating at times, but stomping our feet and throwing tools doesn't help. It usually makes for more work.

I love your attitude towards trophies as well. In the last ten years or so (maybe it's because I'm getting older) I feel it's important to get our cars out there to remind/ inform people of the cool and unique things this "luxury car company" was doing in the '80's.

After moving the Estes Park Co in '99 I was accepted to a local application/ invitation show of 125 cars.
There was a guy that brought his '98 Corvette pace car and a newly purchased '87 GN that was parked next to me.
He was stomping his feet and would have been throwing tools (if he had some) because there was not a newer street machine class for us (GN's), so we were exhibition only.
He was ranting that he paid good money to bring his blankity blank blank and was not going to get a trophy.
At first I was pumped that two GN's were parked next to each other, but after his actions, I was a bit embarrassed and was hoping people didn't think all TR owners were like this.

Thank you for being a great example of a class act!

I have lots of trophies. Too many. My girlfriend can't stand the fact that they make it difficult to dust the shelves and keep them clean.

But none of them mean anything compared to the ones I have gotten at Buick events. I go to car shows because it gives me a reason to enjoy the drive and time with my Buick. I could care less if some guy with a 68 Camaro has no idea what he's looking at. But when a Buick person comes over and pats me on the back and says "Wow!" this gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling. Because only we know what it takes to make these cars beautiful and make them run.

I try to set an example at all the shows I go to. I Let people know, whether they like it or not, that this little V6 is the fastest car there! (because it almost always is) And also that the Turbo Regals in general, probably represent the most significant automobile in the evolution of the American muscle car.

As far as the inconveniences of owning a 30 year old technological terror..... well yes. It could take a lot out of ya sometimes.

But I guess some of the best memories I have had with this thing, came from days that just didn't go my way.