lifter knock problem???


Dec 24, 2003
OK, I put on my new exaust today, it was sounding good and so I took a spin. I got on it, it ran like a champ. I pull in to my driveway and It was knocking. I was running 15 lbs of boost, I got 3 green lights on my knock gauge. I think a lifter colapased. I pulled my pass valve cover and one of the #2cyl valve is making noise, but there is a much deeper knock than that. The deep knock is in time with the noisey valve. can a bad lifter make that much noise?? There is NO metal in the oil. The Engine has 4000 miles on it. the knock comes and goes, Its not constant. Any ideas??:confused:

Didn't give enough info to be 100%, but it sounds like possibly a flat cam lobe....don't ask me how I know:)