lilthumper gets waxed


In front of your regal
Jun 20, 2001
Ok, I thought you buick guys would love to hear this. A good buddy Todd Ferguson (some of you may know him), shows up at the street races. He owns a wicked 87 GN with a PT54 and all the good stuff. His car has gone 10.70 @ 128 I think. I suggest a friendly game of cat and mouse. To my surprise, he is all over my offer. I was on BFG street tires and running 5-7 psi in my Mustang this night. Little did I know that Todd had on the sticky goodyear re-treads and 21 psi!! So anyways, we decide to go from a role. I am thinking that I am going to kill this poor old man. I decide to click the c-4 into 2nd from a 15 mph role. I go ahead and give him the jump. Lilthumper spools to hard under the load of being in 2nd and Todd is out like a scout. I feather the pedal to try and hook, but it is useless, Todd is pulling away 2,3,4,5,6 cars. I finally hook when I click 3rd and hold it at 6 cars. At about 125 mph, I call it quits and give the win to the old fart. There was a good 150 people watching that night as the evil dark side took my life away. This summer, I will have 15 psi and the slicks ready for Todd!! :confused:
He! He! Good story.

Might I suggest a change in your signature?

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Todd's runnin pretty good huh? Nice Stang I'd like to see it some time. Ever thought about coming up here for the Midnights?
haha, cool race man. fighting for traction sucks, that's for sure. what do you run in the 1/4 anyhow?? I'm almost scared to ask...