line locks

Also called roll control by some. It locks the brake pressure to the front wheels while allowing the rear wheels to spin. This is all done with the push of a button. It's a small solenoid that is activated by a button that you mount in your desired location. Mine's in the console. Some put it on the shifter handle. The solenoid is mounted inline with your brake lines.

To use, put the brake pedal to the floor and push the button. When you want to let go, release the button. Great for big nasty burnouts. Not sufficient for powerbraking for boost launch though. Also used by guys with stick cars to keep from rolling out of the beams
line lock

Thanks for the information, I also have another question,
I bought a GN in need of repairs, I put an art carr trans pan
on the tranny and I noticed there is no govener in the
tranny, I haven't got the car running yet, but the guy was
driving it when it caught fire, do you think it has a manual
shift body? and if it does how do they work??
thanks in advance for any input